Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Khaki Cropped Jacket: Cato, red bow shirt: Express, brown striped skirt: NY&Co., beige heels: Bandolino (DSW)

Once before, I wore this shirt under a brown tee, and I loved the results, and lots of readers did, too.  I wanted to try the red and brown combination again today.  I like that somehow with this outfit, the red seems to fit into a neutral monochromatic pattern. 

On a different note, I started back at the gym yesterday and it felt great!  I really hope I can get back into a pattern.  If I can make it past the first month, then I'm good to go.  I just have to trick myself into staying motivated!!


  1. You look so classy and fabulous in this outfit! I just love it! The color palette is gorgeous

  2. I am in utter love with this outfit. It is so chic and professional. I don't know why I've never paired red with brown, but I think I need to try that soon! You look great!

  3. Yes, this outfit is so perfect. You look so comfortable in it. The color combination is unexpected yet classic.


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