Thursday, July 15, 2010

pink v-neck: Old Navy, gray dress: Target, black sandles: Cato

This gray "skirt" is actually a dress, as seen here:

Went to Outback today with my husband and some of his co-workers for a fundraiser lunch.  The tables are only big enough to fit 6, and we had 7, so R and MR had to sit by themselves at a giant table behind us.  At one point during the meal, MR left to go to the restroom and R was left at his table alone.  He got up and stood between our two tables, telling what I'm sure he assumed was a hilarious story.  The real comedy was going on behind him, however, as the Outback busboy bussed his table!  Luckily, it was just silverware and tea at that point, but we all laughed hysterically...because that's what you do when funny things happen to R.


  1. hey nice blog, who do you get to take pictures for you? Im hopeless at outfit posts haha :)

  2. Wearing this dress like that was so clever !
    Looks great.


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