Monday, July 19, 2010

Friday and Monday Casuals

FRIDAY:  Gray cargo capris: NY&Co., black and gold stud top: Merona/Target, black wedges: Target

MONDAY:  khaki pants: Victoria's Secret, black ruched tank: Target, black bow heels: Chinese Laundry

Things I've thought about today:

--It hurts more to get one stitch taken out than to get one stitch put in (I suspect it was the lack of numbing injection this time around).
--A small sandwich a Schlotsky's is about twice as large as I want it to be.
--I will open and eat ALL of the cracked pepper chips before I ever get back to the office to start my sandwhich.
--I bet that a "small" Schlotsky's turkey breast with cheddar and ranch + cracked pepper chips is not really part of a balanced diet plan.

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