Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Feeling Pink

Changed my mind at the last minute today about what to wear, so to avoid ironing, had to pull out some dry cleaning.  I haven't worn this skirt in forever...its one that I love and I catch myself "saving" it...which in the end means I just don't wear it very much.  That's a silly concept, and I really need to stop that.

Here's a close up of the hot pink pin-stripe on the skirt.  So pretty.

Mixed up the business of the pencil skirt with some hot pink heels and funky necklaces!


  1. That skirt really is great, I love the pink stripes!

    The fun heels and pink jewelry really do add a stylish element to the outfit.

    Those heels are awesome. I need to go look for pink heels!

  2. This is very cute on you! You are so tall and thin! :)

  3. Very pretty. This is a lovely looks on you. Yes, do wear more. No more saving.


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