Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mid-Week Post!

TUESDAY IN TURQUOISE:  Turquoise silk shirt: JC Penneys, gray wide-leg pants: NY&Co., black loafers: Etienne Aigner, black tab belt: NY&Co.

This is the second time I've worn this shirt, and though I get compliments on the vibrant material and color, I just don't like it.  If a DROP of moisture hits the shirt, it stains!  Eventually the "stain" comes out when I wash it, but for the entire day I have this little wet spot wherever it hit.  Yesterday I washed my hands and dropped the paper towel as I was drying...and had water spots down my shirt for the rest of the afternoon.  Ugh!

WHY, IT'S ALREADY WEDNESDAY!:  coral shirt: Ann Taylor, pink undershirt: J. Crew, black striped skirt: Old Navy, beige heels: DSW/Bandolino, champagne necklace: NY&Co.

Just wanted to be comfortable today, and I'm certainly that!  The only thing slightly inhibiting today is my shoes, but that's only because I cut my foot while floating the Llano this weekend.  I'm suffering through it though! 

My hair is now in a ponytail, so this braid doesn't look quite as cute anymore, but I left it in and stuck my hair up anyway!


  1. You look great in both of your outfits! That really is a fantastic color, generally and especially on you, but it really is frustrating with clothes like that, that "stain" so easily. Maybe layer it underneath something so that you have the color but the body of the shirt is covered?

  2. your skirt and shirt outfit are very flattering on you! Your legs look a mile long with those shoes!


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