Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Twofer Tuesday

MONDAY:  Pink silk oxford: NY&Co., black stretchy skirt: Old Navy, black vest: Old Navy, black heels: Payless

Had to go to the doctor yesterday and get a mole removed off my back.  They didn't give me a gown to wear, so I had to lay across the chair in a pencil skirt and heels with my bra unsnapped!  Awkward!  At least once I got myself all dressed again, I LOOKED professional, even if I felt uncomfortable and awkward!

TUESDAY:  black zipper shirt: NY&Co., lemony pants: NY&Co., blue and green necklace; NY&Co., (pattern here, huh?), black sandles: CK (DSW)

I bought this necklace specifically because I have nothing else like it.  I'm trying to find different things to wear it with.  Obviously, I don't have any thing else like it because I'm having a hard time pairing it with outfits...which makes NO SENSE at all because its tiered and layered and is lovely neutral colors!  I'm going to have to try a little harder!

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