Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Too Much Information

It's that time of the month.

That time of the month when I realize that I haven't done near enough stuff at work, my desk is piling over, and I'm going to have to stay late or get here early in order to get organized.

That time of the month where I'm just a tad bit stressed.

That time of the month that I'm just craving a comfortable outfit to get me through my day.

Oh, yea.  It's that OTHER time of the month too. 


  1. That sounds VERY stressful. Have some coffee and chocolate and take your time working through your piles of work!

    And bask in the glory of knowing how FABULOUS you look! :)

  2. HA I just discovered your blog and I have to say it has the best title ever. I bet you get that a lot!

    You're adorable! I really love the drapey top and those shoes are amazing!

  3. I love your blog <3
    Following you!
    Follow me too?

  4. I LOVE the yellow top, it's so pretty and bright. That necklace is amazing, too. I'm assuming it's vintage...my absolute favorite kind of jewelry. I could spend all day just going to antique stores and starting at jewelry.


  5. I love this top! The drape of it is so elegant, and the color is just so fun.


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