Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Neutral Blues

What days do you consider appropriate for Happy Hour?

I can't even think about going out for a drink until at least Wednesday.  I associate Happy Hour, or just a social gathering with friends after work, as an "end-of-the-week" activity.  I've gone to Happy Hour on a Monday before and was left wondering on Wednesday why I was getting angry calls from my boss.  Oh, it's not the weekend yet?

You may have noticed that today is Wednesday.

Any takers?

On an outfit related paragraph, I'm so glad I went with this outfit today.  Every second I've felt stressed today (there have been about 16,200 so far today), I've glanced down at the soft blue palette I'm covered in and felt another second or two of relief.  Maybe I should bring my yoga mat to work?

Nah.  Happy Hour it is.


  1. I love that belt and I love those tights and I love the idea of going to Happy Hour RIGHT NOW. Let's go. :)

  2. Very chic! I like your patterned tights :) I don't usually do happy hour - I'm get old and lazy ;)

  3. Is that belt made that way, or did you tie it? No matter, it's awesome! I love it. And yes, give pleats a try!!! I think it would look great on you. :)

  4. The bow belt is the perfect sweet finishing touch to your outfit! Hell, I still feel weird about going out on a weeknight - I have to remind myself sometimes that hey, I'm an adult, I can go out on a Tuesday night if I want to!

  5. Hehe the name of your blog is so funny :D I like it, and the posts too! This outfit is adorable, the tights are cool! I have a fashionblog too, if you want check it out! If you want we can follow eachother! XOXO Lidia


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