Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Love Letters to the Future

Dear Brittany of Tomorrow:

Two cups of coffee and one giant cinnamon roll is not sufficent fuel for your fire.  Or your brain.

You should learn to eat better.

Give a Pop-Tart a try (fruit filled!).  Or a breakfast burrito (extra bacon!)  Or some yogurt (lots of granola).  A bagel (ugh, cream cheese).  Toast (bleh, butter).

Dear Brittany of Tomorrow:

I'm determined to hinder your healthy food intake. 
Good luck digesting this chicken alfredo.

Brittany (of Today)


  1. That shirt is SUCH a gorgeous color on you! And I love the fun pop of print in that jacket!

    PS - Try Bagelfuls. YUM!

  2. You're too funny! But too buttery? Is there really such a thing? (Disclaimer: other people have sweet tooths, I have fat teeth. Wait. That didn't come out right.)

    I agree with Melissa, that color is beautiful on you and the jacket is really fun.

  3. Hilarious! :) Maybe oatmeal? It's like eating a tank. Love the blue and the black today. The belt is a perfect accessory :)

  4. Sounds like my eating habits lately. I think I need to detox from all the junk I've eaten since Christmas!

    Thanks for the well-wishes yesterday. Today was much better, but it is a shame I wasted a good outfit on a bad day!

  5. haha! Don't feel too bad, I ate an entire pie yesterday. And I have no regrets :)

  6. Hey gorgeous.. dont be too hard on yourself girl.. we all eat some junk once in a while.. LOL just make sure you get some good protein in your diet.. more protein helps to curb the sugar cravings!!!

    And, by the way.. you look awesome.. love the outfit and I agree with Melissa, the color of the top is a great color on you!!!

    catch ya tommorow babes. xox j

  7. I love your blazer!
    So chic!


  8. great pictures!!!!!!
    love your style!
    follow u now


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