Friday, January 28, 2011

List Lesson Friday: Restaurant Etiquette

Things you probably shouldn't do at a Chinese Buffet:

1.  Proclaim that you hate the city of Houston...and realize that everyone else from your table just moved from there.  Really, why are their so many Houstonians here?!
2.  Insult the brand of fortune cookies, then open yours to find something amazing like "You will fulfill all your dreams."  Just kidding, this one's great!
3.  Go to a Chinese buffet and only eat Totino's pizza.  $10 buffet for $1 pizza - nice.
4.  Be too nervous to order from the stir fry guy because he doesn't look like he can speak English.  (and you know for damn sure you don't speak Chinese).
5.  Purposely sit next to the chair that your husband's jacket is hanging on while everyone is at the buffet - only to learn once everyone sits down that your husband's jacket was actually on the opposite side of the table. (Why, no, I DIDN'T want to sit next to him anyway...)
6.  Invite the only alcoholic at the table to happy hour.  That's a bit of a faux pas, huh?


  1. Hahaha! Too funny! (And I LOVE those jeans with those shoes.... to die for!)

  2. Did you really invite an alcoholic to happy hour?

    Yeah...I've done something similar. It happens.

    You look FABULOUS!

  3. Ha! Sounds like a funny time. When we go to buffets, the fella always has to remind me not to get sucked in by the pastas. Go for the expensive meats first! I always fail and he gets a far better deal in the end.

    The Auspicious Life


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