Friday, January 21, 2011

List Lesson Friday: Riding Boots

Appropriate places to wear riding boots:

1.  To work
2.  To the bar
3.  To ride a horse
4.  Walking in the country
5.  Hunting in the country

Inappropriate places to wear riding boots:

1.  To Starbucks with yoga pants haphazardously stuffed into them
2.  With your nightshirt to move your car into the garage
3.  Running down your driveway in your nightshirt after your dog who escaped out the back door while you were moving your car into the garage
4.  In the shower

That last one was a joke.  Of course you know not to wear your riding boots in the shower.  That's what rainboots are for.


  1. Your hair looks so cute today! I'm loving the riding boots. They go anywhere!

  2. The amusing thing is that I know (um...knew) someone who hates her feet touching the shower floor so she actually does wear shoes in the shower. Flip flops, but still. It's odd.

    I love your stripes peeking out from under the sweater and those boots are fabulous!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Love those boots! I wish there was Target in Canada! Also, valuable lessons on where to wear boots!

  4. Love the stripes under this sweater and you are my riding boot inspiration!


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