Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Two Posts and a Baby

TUESDAY:  blue striped short sleeve oxford: Express, white cardigan: NY&Co., brown skirt: Ross, brown heels: ?

So according to the Outfit Inspiration Calendar, I was supposed to wear a scarf draped around my shoulders, but I really liked the example outfit with the sweater thrown around the girls shoulders.  I loved this look!  I felt so preppy, but of course, I loved it!!

WEDNESDAY:  white sleeveless silk shirt: Target, turquoise skirt: NY&Co., denim jacket: Ross, black mary janes: Payless

Today I switched the outfit up a little again, because I was supposed to wear a dress with a loosely belted jacket...but I didn't feel like wearing a dress!  I figured a skirt is pretty much the same idea!  I just bought this jacket and LOVE IT!  And it was only $14!!  And in the Color Issue of InStyle, one of their feature combinations was turquoise and blue.  I love it!

A special shoutout goes to my FABULOUS friend Kimberly and her beautiful baby boy:

Happy Birth Day, James Grayson!


  1. your jacket is so cute!!! I want!

  2. That fun, preppy, private school uniform look is sooo cute !


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