Monday, April 19, 2010

Jobs, Babies, and Monopods

red knot shirt: Express, black lacey vest: Old Navy, black and white circle skirt: George (Walmart), maryjanes: Payless

Lots of highlights to hit on today! 

1.  I'm LOVING the Outfit Inspiration Calendar the longer I do it!  I thought I'd get bored with it by now, but it is actually the opposite of boring--it really forces me to take a good hard look in my closet and come up with new ways to wear pieces, or at least rework pieces in my closet to make new outfit!  Thanks again, Kimberly, for all your efforts with the calendar!

2.  Congratulations to Leila for her wonderful news last week!  She is going to be the newest (and possibly best) speech pathologist at MD Anderson in Houston.  I'm sure a few of you have heard of MD Anderson.  Its a wonderful hospital, and will be even better once Leila is on board.  Leila = Smarty Pants!

3.  Welcome to my newest family member (we'll just call her a cousin), Taylor Clarice!  Congratulations, Joyce, Nathan and Dylan for that bright new little girl in your lives!  We can't wait to meet her! :)

4.  So, I've known I needed to order a tripod for a while.  I want to take quality pictures like most of you do without having to ask people to take them for me.  I want to be able to go to the park to take pictures like Andie or outdoorsy pictures like Danielle, and of course, the ultimate dream is gorgeous pics like The Pioneer Woman (ha), but I think my first step is acquiring a tripod.  That being said, I can't really go out and blow $100 on the kind I want (you know, the kind that is 6 feet tall and will capture my equally tall body), and I just don't know if I should spend like $30 on a shorter one without knowing if it will work.  So I have been debating this for a while, but the main problem is just that I won't GO BUY ONE.  So, last Friday, I'm searching for them online to check them out again (for the eleventy-thousandth time) and see a...monopod.

I tell myself that there is no way this will work...I am a smart girl, I graduated from college, I realize that something with one tiny leg can not stand on its own.  Then I read the reviews, and I SWEAR, they tell me how some centrivical force of balance and nature and sci-fi lets this monopod balance a camera (as long as its under 5 pounds).  Best part?  Its only $16.

So, against my better judgement, I order it.  It amazingly came in today.  One-half of me is thrilled to open it, but the other half knows that I have misunderstood the reviews and that this one...stick...cannot possibly stand on its own to take a picture.

And it doesn't.  Turns out, its used to help improve your camera and video shots from shaking and swaying due to our natural inability to stand perfectly still.  I'm forced to supply the other two legs...namely, my own, in order for this to balance the camera.  So, needless to say (unless, you know, you're thinking of ordering one), its not made for self-portraits.

So, the lesson is, Dear Readers, I really did try to improve my pictures for you and for me.  But even I can't compete with gravity.

So, the way I see it now, I have two options:  Suck it up and buy the tripod, or invest in a part time photographer.  Hmm.


  1. I was going to actually do a q&A post about my photos and how I take them daily, based on your question in comments the other day!

    I rarely every use a tripod. I set my camera on a book shelf, a picnic table, or something stable and set the timer!

  2. This is a fun outfit!
    I don't use a tripod either... I guess you can tell by looking at my pics...

  3. I can't tell you just how much I love your outfit! The sheer lacey top, red, and a black and white skirt!? Couldn't be a better combination!

    I feel you on the tripod! I actually have an old one that was my boyfriend's but it works about the same as just setting the camera on something soo that doesn't help me out too much. It would be nice to one day have beautiful pictures to post!


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