Monday, April 5, 2010

A Belted Scarf

gray pschedelic oxford: NY&Co., black skirt: Cato, red and black scarf: ?, red heels: Walmart

This month I'm trying to do Kimberly's Outfit Inspiration Calendar again! 

Today called for a belted scarf.  Although this isn't my favorite outfit I've put together, its nice to try something new, and also nice to incorporate this scarf into an outfit.  Also, I wasn't sure if these red shoes were a little "too much" with all the other pieces of red in the outfit, but I had the cutest conversation with my husband when I had one red shoe on and one black shoe, comparing the two.

T: "Oh, definitely the red one."
Me:  "You think?  It might be too much."
T:  "Nope, the red one.  I nailed it."
Me:  (grinning) "Well, okay."
T:  "I'm getting really good at this."

How could I wear the black ones after that??

Plus, I remember I owned these Minnie Mouse-like bows, and of course I had to slap one in my hair!


  1. it definitely works!

    my husband & I definitely have similar conversations. LOL

  2. I also ask my husband for comments... but he is SO traditional that he never takes risks. I am traditional too but push myself!


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