Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Scarf weather!

Purple shirt: Merona (Target), Denim Jeans: Victoria's Secret, Jacket: TJ Maxx (gift from Mom & Dad), black cowgirl boots: Justins, mint green scarf: Gift from Tommy

My husband told me goodbye this morning and this is what he said:

"Stay in this warm bed this morning because it is cooold outside." He was dressed in his normal suit and had his wool trenchcoat over it. When I woke up this morning (finally at 9:30), I pulled out some jeans, my own trenchcoat (granted, a light version) and a mint green scarf...because I can't say I love winter weather (I'm trying, I'm trying) but I freakin love scarf and winter clothes weather! Winter clothes are so much cuter than summer clothes. Summer is all about dressing in as little as you can and still look decent (thus the invention of the sun dress). Winter is so easy to dress up! Winter outfits always look dressier to me; I don't know if its because of all the layers of scarves, gloves, and tights, or if its because a good trenchcoat can dress up any outfit. Probably both!

Unfortunately, when I walked outside to do my errands this morning, my scarf was not really justified :( I kept it on, though!

I have been offered a job with an oil and gas company in town, and I start next Monday! I had to go today and get a pre-employment drug screen, and I have to say that the laboratory I had to go to get it done wasn't the nicest place I had been before. I was glad to have all my layers on my body! Perhaps we'll go back to cute outfits again next week!!!

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  1. i'm liking the layers that come with fall/winter dressing as well! it's fun! you can completely change a look with tights, for example. i'm really going to be experimenting with that alot this year.


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