Monday, November 9, 2009

Job interview!

Torquoise button-up: TJ Maxx, Gray pencil skirt: New York & Co., black jacket: The Limited, black mary jane heels: Walmart

Yea for job interviews! I actually had to (got to) get up this morning at a decent hour and get in the shower and look presentable by the 9:00 hour today. I interviewed with an oil and gas company and can really see myself enjoying it there. They are interviewing a lot of people over the next two days he said though, so we shall see.

Here's my business/interview apparel:
interview attire @ Brittany's Cleverly Titled Blogwhat to wear to interview at Brittany's Cleverly Titled Blog

Notice I wore my lucky necklace :)
lucky necklace at Brittany's Cleverly Titled Blog


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