Sunday, November 8, 2009


Cardigan: Old Navy, Pink shirt: Old Navy, Layered denim skirt: Ross

I have a job interview tomorrow. I'm dying of boredom at home, but its been really lucky that I've had some time off...for health reasons, and also because I've been unpacking and having repairmen and cablemen and all kinds of people over here. However, as I've mentioned, me sitting around the house unpacking doesn't inspire me to dress up (even for the cableman). Also, I'm generally waiting around until Tommy gets off at 5:00, and then I forgot to take a picture!! least I will get to dress cute tomorrow for my interview. Today, Tommy and I began our mission to find a church in Midland. We are pretty picky about our church, so this may take a while! We weren't very comfortable at the church we went to today, so next Sunday we'll try a different one. I took a crappy picture of my outfit for now, which I'm afraid is how my outfit pics may look for awhile, since its the only mirror I have access to right now! I've worn a similar pairing of this cardigan and a pink top before, but this skirt is new. You can't see it very well, but its rough denim and layered. I'm all about comfortable girly clothes...and this one is great!

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