Monday, December 6, 2010

Where's my prince?

Ugh, Monday again.  The only thing that can describe my disheveled look.

I really like the word DISHEVELED.  If I was the heroine in a romance novel, I'd like to be described as slightly disheveled.  Its never the put together ladies that get those handsome rakes...its always the quirky, disheveled stepdaughter of the viscount of Bismark.

Today's outfit was designed around two things:

1.  Monday morning
2.  Not wanting to use the iron.

I'm off to another grand ball at the Earl's.  I hope no one seduces me outside in the rose garden.  I do have a reputation to consider, you know.


  1. You're adorable. :) I love the sweater layered over the button-down. Super cute!

  2. hahaha you're funny. You don't look disheveled! You look quite polished!

    (although, I won't tell that to the hot handsome rake. ;)


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