Friday, December 3, 2010

Jeans and a Jacket

Do you realize that it’s December 3rd?

I don’t have a Christmas tree up yet. I lost mine in one of my 700 moves in the past year (well, 2 moves) and just bought a new one this past weekend.

Do you realize how expensive fake Christmas trees are?

Seriously, those suckers are insane.

Speaking of insane, I heard on Kidd Craddick the other morning that some of smartest people in the world have psychotic tendencies. Like, some of the best doctors are crazy about focusing on one thing (medicine) and that’s why they’re so good at what they do. That means your psychotic doctor could be treating you for psychosis. How very Freudian of you both.

Guess what?  It's Friday!


Or, in the alternative,

Much Gratitude to the Lord for the Last Day of the Weekday.


I think that might catch on.

 (I decided I liked this jacket open.  So I opened it for the rest of the day!)


  1. I KNOW! I bought my tree a few years ago and I was not expecting to shell out 200 bucks! And it wasn't even a super nice one, those are crazy expensive! You're looking super cute here, I love all your flirty poses :0)

    *Enter to win a $25 Banana Republic Gift Card!*

  2. Fitted jackets always look so amazing..with just about anything! I love all of your fun jewelry too :)


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