Thursday, December 2, 2010

My topper is black

Last Friday there was a marathon session of What Not to Wear on TLC. I recorded every episode and have been watching them periodically over the last week (hello sick day on Monday).

In one of the episodes, Stacy and Clinton talk about the importance of a “topper” piece. What they meant was, a great skirt and top can look really good on their own, but what really pulls the it all together and amps it up as an “outfit” is the topper – either a fitted jacket or blazer, or even a cardigan.

I am so glad they finally put an idea that has been drifting around in my head into a tangible concept.

I liked this pencil skirt and gray top combination together, and I loved the bright blue belt that fooled you all into thinking I have an hourglass figure. But what really sealed the deal on this outfit was a simple black cardigan.

Who says you can’t learn things from your t.v.?


  1. Your hair looks so gorgeous! And I love that pencil skirt.

    I love Stacy and Clinton! They always make everyone look so fabulous :)

  2. I love that show. So much. But I don't have a DVR anymore so if I don't watch it when it's on, I miss it. I wish they had it on Hulu! :(

    You look super great in this outfit! That skirt is amazing!

  3. Hair looks marvelous, I had never heard of that term "topper" in dressing.
    You learn from the tv and I learn from you !
    I really like how you wear that skirt.


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