Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Someone buy Santa some sunscreen!

Dear Texas:

I get it.  You don't like the cold.  Usually you and I have an amicable relationship regarding that very fact.

But even me, your biggest warm weather fan, says that it's a little hard to get in the Christmas spirit when it's 75 degrees outside.

It IS the first day of Winter, after all.

Just sayin,


  1. I LOOOVE your skirt and necklace! Such a cute outfit..and I can't believe it's a few days til Christmas and it's 75 degrees where you are! I'm sure that would make it tough to really feel like it's Christmas and winter!

  2. Great outfit! I really like your skirt with the tiered ruffles.

    Happy Holidays!!!

  3. That skirt is perfection! And I think a 75 degree Christmas sounds just about right, but I know I'm an anomaly.

  4. I love your skirt! Just adorable. I have a soft spot for anything ruffled and tiered. It's perfect with little flats. So sorry for the 75F. It's 50F here in WA.


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