Friday, November 19, 2010

Triple Post Friday

Things have been so hectic here at work that I've forgotten to post!  I can't wait to read almost a week's worth of your blogs this weekend, too!

I've almost finished up with my big weekly project, it's Friday, and there's a football game tomorrow - what more could I ask for in a day!

Wednesday's outfit is a new favorite!  I think these pants fit me well, and I love the dusty rose color of this top.  I'm a little confused about the ruffling--there's more on one side than the other--but I decided to just go with it and pretend like its intentional rather than some kind of sewing error.  I make my own rules.

Yesterday's outfit was more functional than fun, but it got the job done all the same.  I introduced my lacey heels to a pair of pretty socks, and hoped that my pants hid them most of the day.  My office averages a temperature of about 62 degrees, so I was quite thankful for the socks.  Function, function, function.

Everyone's getting a little more of that function again today - I'm up and down on the floor and cursing the copier a lot today, so my outfit is perfect for the occasion!  I'm in a xerox-beating-up mood today, and what better top than a preppy argyle sweater with some ruffles underneath?  I'm KINDS of Office Space today.

Now who took my red stapler?


  1. Hi the ruffle tank and of course the argyle preppy and cute:)

    Stop by and say Hello♥

    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  2. I LOVE these outfits! Those lace heels are especially gorgeous!

    Don't worry about the stapler...start being concerned when they move your office to the basement. ;)

  3. Love all three outfits! I especially love how you add interest to your outfits with the patterned shoes! So chic!

  4. Love the pink ruffle top- so adorable. I also love your nana' "B" necklace. Those are totally back "in". Grandmas can be so in style :)

  5. Love your lace shoe.

  6. Cute. Cute and cute! I love all 3. The second one is my favorite.


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