Monday, November 22, 2010

Old Navy Keeps Me Dressed

I did not realize until I was editing these photos that I am pretty much a walking advertisement for Old Navy today.

These pants and shoes are from last year, and this shirt I've had since college.

I used to think Old Navy was a little overpriced for the quality of clothing that they offered, but after starting this blog, I've realized just how many things I still have from Old Navy.  Back in 1996, I discovered Old Navy in Austin, and couldn't wait for shopping trips that involved a stop at our favorite Mexican food restaurant, two margaritas for my grandmother (Ginny), and then quick (three or four hour) trip to Old Navy.

My grandmother's pocketbook becomes even more generous after two margaritas...which is a rule that still applies to this day, by the way! :)

The point is, I STILL have items of clothing from those high school shopping trips that are in my closet rotation today.  Pretty impressive, Gap, Inc.!


  1. I have a confession to make - I've only really discovered Old Navy this year and more because of blogging! I didn't know you can get so many great looking stuff there! case in point - YOU!



    Would love for you to say Bonjour at:


  2. Love all those shades of blue! I usually can't find things that fit me well at Old Navy, but I do have a couple pieces that work. Those shoes are too cute!


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