Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Does the dress make me look curvy?

My best friend, Kim and I went to Karen Millen in the Dallas Galleria.

I was eyeing this very pretty structured dress when the sales girl walked up to me.

18-year-old sales girl: “That dress is beautiful!”

I don’t know why, but I find it very odd when salespeople compliment the clothes in the store they work in. I know it’s not like they designed it or anything, but I just never know how to respond…

Me: “Thanks!” (Pretty sure that isn’t the appropriate response.)

Sales girl: “You should definitely buy it!” (Thanks for that winning recommendation based on your sales commission and very little on me.)

Kim: “It does look good.”

Sales girl: “Yes, it looks great on curvy girls!”


No one has ever described me as a “curvy girl” before. The way I see it, there are two interpretations of this description.

1. As a compliment, as in Baby Got Back!-chanting, Beyonce-wriggling, Sir-Mix-A-Lot –shaking, Kim Kardashian-inspired, Joan Holloway-strutting BOOTY and BOOBS.

I don’t know if you can tell this, but I ain’t got much of either.

2. As a very nice way to describe a little too much junk in the trunk, a few extra pounds here and there, but you have a nice looking face, and it’s a lot like the way you describe the little two-bedroom fixer-upper in the old neighborhood as “cozy”.


I decided to buy this lovely blouse instead.


  1. Excuse my language but that sales girl sound slike a bitch! You look great! The blouse was a great buy, but I hope you didn't give that girl the commission!!

  2. I hate when sales people do too much talking!!! I like them to say hello, then leave me alone to do my shopping. I'll seek them out if I need help with anything or need an opinion.

    Good choice going with the blouse, and I like the pop of pink with your belt!

  3. Teeny bopper sales girl is probably just going through a selection of phrases ingrained in her head that she believes will help sell more clothes (i.e., no actual brain power is involved!)

    Regardless, great choice in the blouse!

  4. I like to shop without sales girls assistance.
    Only if I need them to check the back room for something then I ask.
    I am sorry but that it they way I prefer it.
    I think at this stage I kind of know if something looks good or not.
    BTW I am loving your belt.


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