Monday, November 15, 2010

Flowers Brooches and Pencil Skirts Make Me Happy!

I have had the craziest day ever today!  After a meeting discussing a multi-million dollar closing deal today, my co-worker and I ran to the post office to Express Mail some Assignments out...only to discover after labeling 40 ENVELOPES that we had missed the 2:15 deadline for overnight mail.

So back to the office to Fed-Ex them, which I just finished up about 20 minutes ago.  I'm about to walk them to the Fex Ex box next door, but since I worked through lunch, I never had a chance to update this thing!

Good thing I'm wearing my business-finest to get me through today.  Power of the Pencil Skirt!


  1. You always look soo good and so prof for the office. I've got a confession to make, last week I was so tired of dressing up that I wore yoga pants to work, I topped it off with a blazer, ha!

    Did you see, I wore a flower brooch today too!



    Would love for you to say Bonjour at:


  2. So cute! I'm a sucker for a good pencil skirt for sure.

  3. Pencil skirts always save the day, at least, they do in my world.
    That brooch is such a perfect touch of fun to your business finest.


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