Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Two Posts

Black Dress: Cato (Gift from Mom & Dad), beige heels: Bandolino (DSW)

I was a little self-conscious of the length of this dress all day, but I loved it so much!  The outfit calendar called for Earthy Neutrals, and that's exactly what the pretty neckline on this dress reminded me of.  And it was so comfortable for morning meetings!

Khaki pants: Victoria's Secret, blue button-up shirt: Old Navy, scarf: Dilliards, white tank: Old Navy, white flats: Merona (Target)
My pants look so wrinkled in this outfit, but I promise they aren't.  In fact, my gift for my birthday from my Grandma was a Rowenta iron, the greatest iron on earth.  The outfit inspiration calendar wanted a scarf with necklaces, and I usually don't wear necklaces when I wear these little neckerchief thingies, so I thought I'd try it out.  I like it! 

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  1. I like how that dress looks on you !
    You rocked it .... now if you feel "self conscious" on the lenght - although I see no reason - you can pair it with some tights...


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