Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday and Tuesday

MONDAY:  printed skirt: Burlington Coat Factory ($16!), black tee: ?, black flats: Walmart
TUESDAY:  pink silky shirt: The Limited, brown pants: Old Navy (they're long enough!!), white cardigan: NY&Co., yellow heels: Anne Klein (DSW)

I loved everything about this outfit today!  We got invited to go eat dinner with some friends with this...much time before I was about to strip out of everything and begin the "relaxing" hour--I'm so glad I was still looking up to par when they called!  I felt so summery and fun all day!  And I liked my hair, too!

I like the combination of these colors today.  I feel like the white cardigan really grounds the matchiness of the belt and shoes (which I freaking love!), and I am really feeling the pink and brown combination!  I tried a new "twist" pony I found in my InStyle Hair magazine I bought.  I'm really trying new things with bobby pins...I'm pretty inept at hairstyles, so I'm trying!


  1. I love the print on the skirt...and your hair in both shots! Can I ask how tall you are? And if you're 5'10" or over, where you get your trousers? I can't find a pair long enough in the shops here :(

  2. I like both sets.... but have to agree on the last one with the white cardi being my fave!


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