Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm Back and Other Miscellany

I'm currently going through a little time management struggle with my blog.  I lose a lot of motivation to get up and dressed decent in the mornings without it, however.  Here are some past outfits that I've been snapping...but not posting...starting with today.

Florals and Denim:  Dress--Ann Taylor (super sale), denim jacket--Ross, black wedges--Target, black necklace--Express

Black White and Magenta:  shawl: Express, white shirt: Express, black skirt: Cato

White tank: Target, khaki jacket: Cato, black pants: NY&Co., flowered flats: Old Navy

Green and blue shirt: NY&Co., navy skirt: NY&Co., brown rope shoes: DSW

tan tank: George (Walmart), black cardigan: TJMaxx, turquoise skirt: Cato, black sandles: Dustees


  1. Super cute outfits!! I especially love that first dress and the purple shawl!

  2. WOW
    You have some nice things here...that ANN TAYLOR DRESS, wao !
    You look amazing in the black+white´magenta set, the blue and green shirt set was fab, but to be honest I was a little thrown at the shoes. I would have loved to see this worn with heels !

  3. Thanks guys!

    And Lorena, it doesn't really look like it in the picture, but those shoes have at least a two inch heel on them. I agree that they are a little casual, but the shirt had such a nautical feel that I couldn't resist pairing them with shoes that had a rope tied across the front. I had a close up pic of the shoes originally, but I was posting so many pictures that I didn't want to show too many detailed ones!

    Thanks for the comments!!


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