Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Hair and Vitamin Rant

gray shirt: Cato, black pants: NY&Co., red flowered flats: Walmart

I think my vitamins are finally kicking in.  I've been taking One-A-Day VitaCrave Gummies (which you ironically have to take two of a day) for about a month now, and I highly recommend them. 

I used to take vitamins daily, but things like MOVING really knock me out of my comfort schedule, so it took my months to get back into it.  I'm back on the vitamin is the gym, blah.  Anyway, yesterday after work, I got my haircut (new place = approved.  Thanks, Leila!), cook dinner, washed two rounds of dishes, washed some sheets, changed the bed, put up laundry, gave the dogs a bath, watched Glee, caught up on some Stephanie Plum...and finally crashed around midnight. 

All that being said after bragging about those vitamins...waking up this morning was a little difficult, so I didn't get to play with my new hair.  So, these pics are pretty boring today--my outfit is more comfortable than stylish, but I like my new bangs :)  Maybe tomorrow I'll even fix my hair! :)


  1. You are good looking ( young!!!!)


  2. Very cute....
    I take vitamins, the ones that are shaped like a gummy bear ( i can't remember the brand) and I secretly had more than one a day....
    so i stopped taking them and bought gummy bears instead!


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