Wednesday, June 15, 2011

this is what you get

You should have seen the outfit I had picked out to wear today.  So cute.

Unfortunately, I snoozed through my alarm, and am absolutely exhausted today, and the thought of wearing a pencil skirt and fitted shirt just killed me.  Killed me, I say!  Not to mention that I hadn't ironed said fitted shirt.  And the skirt requires a slip.  Plus there's something about about a cute outfit that makes me feel like my mood has to live up to it...and it probably wasn't going to manage that today.

So, safety outfit it is - comfy pants, even comfier tank top and cardigan with a pair of basic black heels.

Throw on some pearls and it even looks like a wasn't running late this morning.  Brittany 1, Snooze Button 0.  Well, except maybe in this pic:


  1. Pearls make everything better. :) I love the cranberry and navy in this! That top is so pretty!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. I think this is a cute outfit! I love the Gap cranberry colored top - it definitely looks great with the navy!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. You are so pretty. I love those jewel tones on you!

    I wear my bridesmaid jewelry all the time. Ha ha. So fantastic!


  4. For getting up late and not wearing your intended outfit, you look pretty darn good anyways! Plus pearls are always a great addition to any outfit :)

  5. You look great and this outfit hardly states "safety outfit." I am sure we'll see the fitted blouse and pencil skirt soon enough! I'm definitely following your blog!

  6. You definitely don't look like you woke up late this this outfit. So breezy and chic.

  7. GREAT shots and love your outfit!! xoxo J

  8. Love the outfit. I wished I could look that good on the mornings I am running late.

  9. You are totally winning in this outfit. Sleeping through the alarm? Psh! I don't believe it.

  10. I think you managed to make a great outfit! The color combo is fantastic.

  11. who needs a pencil skirt when you can be comfortable and still look that cute! seriously :)

  12. Your cardigan is gorgeous! Youre looking fab

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  13. Where did you go ?
    I keep coming back to your blog hoping you have updated it.... hope all is well :)

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